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管理員 - Study | 2014-03-03 | 人氣:2448



Penghu County Chung-Shing English Village Project


  1. The Penghu County Chung-Shing English Village was built to enhance local students’ English ability and global competence.
  2. Students are encouraged to complete dynamic and static presentations in the village by experiencing a holistic English environment with mixed media. This enables students to learn English in different ways.
  3. Local students are encouraged to improve English proficiency utilizing the whole language method.

Village Layout:  Students interact with the foreign teacher in a realistic English situation.

  1. Living Area   
    1. The village is located on the second floor of the school overlooking the gymnasium.
    2. Placement
      1. The central part is a hotel lobby and/or western living room.
      2. There is also a western kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom.
      3. The environment feels like an authentic western house where students can interact with the foreign teacher in the house.

B. Shopping Area

 (B) Placement

    1. The central station is a shopping mall including fresh vegetables, fruit, and snacks.

    2. It contains a stationary shop, dive shop, sports shop, clothes and shoe store, display shelf and a check-out counter.

    3. The environment looks like a real western shopping mall where students can

      practice shopping with the teacher.

    4. A bank and a post office completes the shopping mall.


Plan of manpower:

  1. Administration
    1. Executive of the English village: Executive is responsible for the overall situation of the English village. The county course supervisor serves as executive currently.
    2. Chief of the English village: chief handles administrative management, including planning, carrying out and accessing the plan. The director of studies serves as chief currently.
    3. Officer of the English village: Officer deals with the management of the English village.
    4. Substitution Military Service Staff: Substitution Military Service Staff stand by and wait for the instructions from Executive, Chief, and Officer of English Village.
  2. Teaching staff
    1. One native English speaking teacher (John David McCluskey) is responsible for curriculum design, website admissions and teaching at the English Village.
    2. Four to six volunteers from the cooperative course of National Penghu University.


Objective: All middle and high grades primary school students in Penghu County. The amount of students is limited to fewer than 30.


Open Hour: Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 11:00, 14:00 to 16:00.


Description: With their English Village Passport, students are guided through stations under teachers’ instruction.


Payment:  Entrance fee is free, but the school applying for an appointment has to pay its own transportation fee and insurance fee.


Application Method:

  1. Only advanced paper appointments are accepted. The appointment form is attached.
  2. Send a fax to 06-9276147 or an email to chun2903@yahoo.com.tw after filling out the form.
  3. Appointments have to be made 2 weeks before the scheduled visiting day and received according to time order.
  4. Administrators have the right to accept the application or deny it.
  5. Cancel appointments 3 days before the scheduled visiting day or the school’s appointment won’t be accepted next time. Tel: 06-9272779-3202



  1. Administrators have the right to inform the school applying for an appointment to cancel the appointment on special conditions, like a typhoon hitting, and so on.
  2. People in the English Village have to respect the administrators’ instruction, or the administrators have the right to keep them away from the Village.
  3. People in the English Village have to be responsible for their own safety.
  4. At least one teacher from the school applying for an appointment is required on the scene.
  5. There are introductions and lesson plans on the English Village website. It would be better for students to have previews. The website is


Post Learning:

  1. There are worksheets on the English Village website to be downed.
  2. Advanced Learning: Only people used to take part in the course of the English Village are allowed to apply for.



  1. Students with completed passports stamped at all the stations will get a certificate from the English Village and names will be announced on the website.
  2. Volunteers will receive testimonials with hours written from English Village. .


Expectable Products:

  1. Enhance local students’ English learning interests.
  2. Activate English teaching in Penghu County.
  3. Widen local students’ global view and improve their global competence.
  4. Local students can be inspired through multiple learning activities.

  E.  Build student’s confidence in speaking English in a real world scenario.